What is MathSlate?

MathSlate is an electronic flash card for the practice of elementary math skills. Pressing the Next Problem button will display a random problem. Pressing the Show Answer button will then display the correct answer.

After a problem is displayed, you have the option of drawing the answer on the screen with a finger. Double tapping the screen will clear the handwritten answer as will pressing the Show Answer or Next Problem buttons.

You have a choice of addition only, subtraction only or a random mix of both. You can choose to limit the highest number used to 5, 10, 20, 100 or 500. When performing subtraction, the answers will always be positive or zero.

You can also choose to display only multiplication, only division or a random combination of both. Here you can limit the maximum numbers used to 5, 10, 12 or 30. When choosing division, the answers will always be whole numbers.

MathSlate also features a Times Table Mode for the focused learning of times tables. When in this mode, any multiplican from 1 to 10 can be chosen. If the "ordered" option" is selected, MathSlate will then cycle through all the multipliers, in order, from 1 to 10. When the student is practiced enough in "counting by" a particular multiplier, they may then switch to the "random" option for choosing the multiplier.

New to MathSlate 2.0 is Quiz Mode. This allows students to choose a particular number of random questions to constitute a quiz. A keyboard then offers the ability to enter an answer. Once the Enter key is pressed, a red or green patch clarifies whether the answer is incorrect or correct. If incorrect, the Show Answer button will allow display of the correct answer. There is a Score Sheet page which displays the results of recent quizes showing percentages and the amount of time spent taking the quiz. You can also display a bar graph which shows quiz performance over time.

In addition to setting the math parameters, the preferences page also offers various display options. You have a choice of five different fonts, five font colors and a choice of background color including an inverted “blackboard” mode.

In portrait orientation MathSlate presents problems in the standard “stacked” elementary way. When rotated into landscape mode, MathSlate will display problems in linear “algebraic” fashion.

MathSlate gets down to business in a straight forward manner using an uncluttered interface. Although MathSlate is relatively simple in design and purpose, attention has been paid to detail. For example, fonts have been customized for clarity, uniformity and positioning accuracy.

MathSlate runs natively on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Buttons to the sides of the image below will navigate you through a slide show.

MathSlate presents you with a problem.