About MacroMole

MacroMole presents the structure and function of biological molecules with a focus on understanding proteins. It is primarily designed for students in Biology at either the college level or college prep high school students, especially in AP Biology. However, it does not require an extensive background and is appropriate for anyone with an interest. MacroMole is colorful as well as informative.

MacroMole is comprised of 67 sections organized into 7 subunits. Each section features a simple animation ranging from the rotation of a molecule to an animation of the assembly of a protein. There is a scrollable text section explaining the concept and each section offers up to four additional images or overlays which add further details to the concept.

Seven of the sections include more serious animations with additional images in the form of explanatory slides. These animations include the activities of: myosin, tropomyosin, hexokinease, the Na-K pump, activity at the neuromuscular junction, the lac operon and translation.

MacroMole's subunits include:

   •   Functional Groups

   •   Carbohydrates

   •   Lipids

   •   Amino Acids

   •   Protein Structure

   •   Protein Survey

   •   Nucleic Acids

These materials are based on 24 years of successful teaching of Advanced Placement Biology. When you understand and can visualize the structure of these important molecules, the rest of Biology just makes more sense.

MacroMole runs natively on iPad and iPhone/iPod touch and is available in the iTunes App Store.

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