About ABCParade

ABCParade is three alphabet learning applications in one: animated letters of the alphabet, letter recognition and a letter parade.

Each of the 26 letters has a colorful animation that shows the letter appearing as an object whose name begins with that letter then morphs into the letter itself. For example, the A begins as an airplane that changes into an A as it lands. The B is a balloon; it's big, it's blue and it bounces too. Each letter can be chosen individually from a keyboard (screenshot, upper left) or the animated alphabet can be played in its entirety.

The Letter Recognition page features another colorful keyboard of the alphabet; touching a key plays the sound of that letter. Pressing the Find button will ask your child to find a particular letter and, after the child taps a key, give a response as to whether the correct letter was chosen.

The Letter Parade displays all the letters in sequence and moves them across the screen at a constant speed so your child can recite the alphabet in time with the parade.

There are several options including:

   •   choice of voices for both the letter recognition and parade pages.

   •   five different speeds for the parade.

   •   full or half size parade letters.

   •   optional sound track for the animations.

ABCParade runs natively on iPad and iPhone/iPod touch and is fully optimized for retina display. ABCParade is available in the iTunes AppStore.

This app has been niece and nephew tested and approved!

Buttons to the sides of the image below will navigate you through a slide show.

The aluminum airplane circles the school and lands as shown.