About bpedit.com

After having several other careers, I have taught advanced high school sciences for the past 24 years. I have just retired from classroom teaching and hope to continue to teach in the guise of providing educational applications for mobile devices.

In addition to teaching Physics, Chemistry and Biology, I initiated and taught a Computer Graphics course. I incorporated many of these skills into images and videos for the teaching of various scientific concepts which I, and other teachers at my school, have used with students. I hope to make these available to a wider range of students on their iPads and iPods.

BioMole uses interactive three dimensional models, overlays and text to introduce biological molecules. The focus is on proteins and now their structure leads to their amazing variety of functions. Find out more on the BioMole page.

PhysicsEq is a course in Mechanics. It covers the material in the Mechanics unit of an AP Physics B course and is suitable for introductory college courses as well as college prep high school courses. The focus is on how the equations of Physics relate to the concepts of Physics.

MathSlate is a simple, uncluttered flash-card like program for 4 to 11 year olds to hone their math skills. It performs all four basic math operations and allows several options for setting the maximum values displayed. Version 2 adds a quiz module.